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Leaf Solution Installed

Perfect Pitch Proudly offers a Variety of gutter guards, covers, or screens.  Whatever you like to call them you can call them Gutter Protection Systems.  We have 4 main types that we offer because with these four we can tackle the many different roof pitches and the two main tree types: Trees with Leaves and Trees with Pine Needles.  Our Highest Quality that can handle the widest range of heavy rain and keep out every bit of debri from pine needles to shingle rock is LeafSolution.  Click Here to watch a great leafsolution video. We are also proud to sell and install Our best selling and all around best bang for the buck cover, Standard Gutter Guards.  This is our other micro mesh screen that is very similar to the Qualities of Leaf Solution without the forced down flow channels, which slightly lowers it’s water capacity.  Both Standard and Leaf Solution both Come with 10 year warranties on materials and Clogged Gutters. Our third cover that we offer is called “Leaf Free” Leaf Protection.  Leaf Free is a hard cover that uses the waters own liquid adhesion to force the water to stick to the guard and follow it into the gutter.  It is made of high quality thick aluminum to ensure that it lasts.  Leaf Free is one of my favorites when it comes to looks.  It looks like it belongs there.  This cover behaves EXACTLY like the covered gutter of Englart’s at a fraction of the cost.  The last Gutter Guard that we offer is Gutter Rx.  Gutter Rx is one of my favorites because it more than doubles the stregth of the gutter system just like Standard but at a much cheaper price.  It is installed by laying in the gutter and being screwed to front and the back of the gutter and fascia which gives the entire system added strength.  This is one of our most affordable guards.